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Substance Controlled Quiz

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The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam (PTCB), tests many different areas of knowledge including regulations and controlled substance classifications. Pharmacy technicians are in charge of handling, dispensing and tracking controlled drugs, so it is important that they understand these regulations. The article includes a Substance-Controlled Quiz, which is designed to be a PTCB Practice Test. It focuses on laws and classifications governing the use of controlled substances. It also discusses the PTCB log-in process, and how sensitive data should be handled with security and confidentiality.

Controlled Substance Quiz

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Morphine is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Ambien is on which controlled substance schedule?

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OxyContin is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Heroin is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Valium is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Duragesic is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Ativan is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Concerta is on which controlled substance schedule?


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Percocet is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Cocaine is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Adderall is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Opium is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Restoril is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Peyote is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Didrex is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Lunesta is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Vicodin is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Soma is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Ultram is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Suboxone is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Vyvanse is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Demerol is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Xanax is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Marijuana is on which controlled substance schedule?

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Anabolic Steroids are on which controlled substance schedule?

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Understand controlled substances is important

Drugs that have been regulated because of their abuse potential and addictive nature are controlled substances. Schedules are used to classify these substances, each with different levels of legal and regulatory requirements. These classifications and the regulations for recording and handling controlled substances are important to pharmacy technicians. These regulations help ensure public safety by preventing the illegal diversion of controlled drugs.

The Key Concepts of Controlled Substances

Let’s take a look at some key concepts in relation to controlled substances relevant for the PTCB test before diving into the quiz:

  • Schedules for Controlled Substances : The five categories of controlled substances, Schedule I is the most restrictive and Schedule V the least. The Drug Enforcement Administration determines these schedules based on abuse potential, accepted medical uses and other factors.
  • DEA registration Pharmacies, and any other entity that handles controlled substances must be registered with the DEA. The registration allows the handling and dispensing of controlled substances. Compliance with DEA regulations are required.
  • Records: Pharmacists must keep accurate records about controlled substances including their inventory, their dispensing and disposition. It is important to comply with state and federal laws by maintaining accurate records.
  • Security measures Controlled substances should be securely stored to avoid theft or diversion. Security protocols should be known by pharmacy technicians to guarantee the safety of controlled substances.

PTCB Quiz on Substance Controlled: Practice Test

This quiz will test your understanding of the laws and regulations governing controlled substances. This test will help you assess your knowledge and pinpoint areas that need further research.

The Schedules of Controlled Substances

What schedule of controlled substances is the most likely to be abused and has no medical uses? A Schedule I B Schedule II C Schedule III D Schedule IV

Answer: Schedule I

Explanation Schedule 1 substances are those with the greatest potential for abuse, and have no medical uses in the United States. Heroin and LSD are two examples. It is important to understand these classifications for both the test and DEA regulations.

Question 2: DEA registration requirements

How does DEA registration allow a pharmacy? Handle and dispense drugs that are controlled. B) Approve the sale of new medications. C) Conduct clinical trials. D) Produce controlled substances.

Answer: (A) Dispense and handle controlled substances

Explanation Registration with the DEA is necessary for all pharmacies, as well as other entities that handle or dispense controlled drugs. This registration is required to ensure compliance with DEA rules and regulations. These requirements must be understood by pharmacy technicians for the PTCB Practice Test.

Keep records for controlled substances

What is an important aspect of maintaining records for controlled substances, according to the question HTML0? Maintaining accurate inventories B) Protecting patient information C) Conducting clinical trials D). Approving new medications

Answer: (A) Maintaining accurate inventories

Explanation Records are essential for controlling substances to ensure that they comply with state and federal regulations. A correct inventory record helps prevent theft and diversion. This requirement is crucial for test

Measures to Secure Controlled Substances

In a pharmacy, which of the following security measures is common? A secure storage in a closed cabinet B requiring multiple signatures to dispense C completing background checks of employees D all of the above

Question: All the Above

Explanation Security Measures for Controlled Substances include Secure Storage, Multiple Signatures for Dispensing and Background Checks on Employees. This helps prevent fraud and theft. These protocols are important for pharmacy technicians to know when preparing for PTCB’s practice tests.

The Dispensing of Controlled Substances

Which additional requirements do you need to dispense Schedule II controlled substance? Both A and B C) An electronic prescription using a valid DEA Number D) None

Question: A) both B and C

Explanation The dispensing of Schedule II controlled drugs requires a prescription in writing with no refills. However, electronic prescribing with a valid DEA Number is permitted. It is important to understand these requirements for the test.

Prepare for the PTCB practice test on controlled substances with these tips

Consider the following suggestions to prepare effectively for the PTCB’s controlled substance section of the exam:

  1. Get to know the DEA schedules: Learn the names and characteristics of the five schedules. The PTCB test relies on this knowledge.
  2. Understand the Requirements of DEA Registration Study the requirements and process for DEA registration as it is a critical aspect for compliance.
  3. Record-Keeping Practice: Understand the requirements of record-keeping for controlled substances including inventories and dispensing.
  4. Security Review: Find out about security measures for controlled substances including storage in secure conditions, multi-signatures and background checks.
  5. Join Study Groups Consider joining online discussion forums or study groups to discuss the Test and controlled substances.

You will build your understanding of controlled substances by following the tips in this article and taking the Substance Controlled Quiz. This is a great way to prepare for the PTCB Exam.

The conclusion of the article is:

It is important that pharmacy technicians understand controlled substances, since they must comply with state and federal regulations in order to protect the public. The Substance Controlled quiz, as a test practice, is a great way to learn about schedules, records, and security for controlled substances. You’ll be more prepared to succeed in your pharmacy technician role if you focus on these topics, and practice regularly.

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