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For the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam, you must have a solid understanding of generic and brand names for PTCB Certitifcation. You must be able identify the names of medications as a pharmacy tech to help pharmacists dispense medication and ensure patient safety. This article will provide you with a quiz that covers drug brands, including practice questions, detailed explanations, and other tools to ensure your success on the PTCB test. Let’s get started.

Drug Brands name Quiz

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What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Xanax?


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The ACE inhibitor, lisinopril, is the active ingredient of which medicine?


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What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Prilosec?


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What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Lasix?


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Both Levitra and Cialis are used in the treatment of which condition?


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What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Tenormin?


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Clarithromycin is the active ingredient of which medicine?


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Ethyinyl estradiol and drospirenone are the active ingredients of which medicine?


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What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Ativan?


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Imdur is a medicine used in the treatment of which of these conditions?


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Which part of the NDC code refers to the manufacturer?


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What is the importance of brand names in pharmacy?

Brand names are used in pharmacy by both healthcare professionals and patients. Pharmaceutical companies give drugs unique names as a way to identify them. It is important for pharmacist technicians to recognize these names, since they are often used on prescriptions and medication bottles as well as in communication with patients and healthcare professionals. Brand names and their generic equivalents can also be very different, so it is important that you are familiar with them both.

Understand generic and brand names

  • Generic names: They are standard chemical names of drugs. These can be derived either from their chemical structure or class. These names aren’t tied to a specific company, and they are widely accepted.
  • Brand names These are the trademarked name given by pharmaceutical companies to their medications. Depending on which company produces the generic drug, a single generic can be given multiple brands.

PTCB Practice Test on Drug Brand Names

This quiz contains questions that are similar to the ones you may encounter during your PTCB examination. This quiz tests your understanding of generic and brand name drug names.

Question 1: What is the brand name?

Which of the following is the brand name or generic drug for “atorvastatin?” A Lipitor, B Crestor, C Zocor and D Pravachol.

Lipitor Answer

Explanation Atorvastatin, a statin widely used to lower cholesterol. Lipitor is the brand name of this drug.

Question 2: What is the generic name?

What is the generic drug name of “Nexium?” A Lansoprazole, B Omeprazole, C Esomeprazole, D Pantoprazole

Answer : C) Esomeprazole

Explanation : Nexium, a brand for esomeprazole (a proton-pump inhibitor), is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as well as other acid related disorders.

What are the Brand Names of Blood Pressure Medication?

What is the most common brand name for hypertension medication? (A) Norvasc, B) Lantus, C) Synthroid and D) Zoloft

Question: “A) Norvasc”

Explanation : Norvasc, the brand name of amlodipine (a calcium channel blocking drug) is used for high blood pressure or angina.

Antidepressants Brand names

Which of the following is the brand name or generic drug for sertraline? Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and Effexor

Answer: B) Zoloft

Explanation Sertraline, a drug in the selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI class), is sold under its trademark Zoloft.

The Brand Name of a Pain Medication

Which of the following is the brand name for the generic drug “hydrocodone/acetaminophen”? A) Vicodin B) Percocet C) OxyContin D) Tylenol #3

Vicodin Answer

Explanation: Vicodin is a common brand name for hydrocodone/acetaminophen, a combination medication used to treat moderate to severe pain.

What are the brand names of diabetes medications?

What is the brand name of an insulin medication that you are familiar with? A. Humalog. B. Metformin. C. Glucotrol. D. Januvia.

Question: “A” Humalog

Explanation : Humalog, also known as insulin lispro is an insulin with rapid action used by diabetics to control their blood sugar levels.

Antibiotics Brand Names

Which of the following is the brand name (or generic) for “amoxicillin?” A] Augmentin B] Amoxil C] Keflex D] Cipro

Answer: B) Amoxil

Explanation Amoxil, the brand name of amoxicillin is an antibiotic that belongs to the class penicillin.

How to master the drug brand names for PTCB test practice

Consider the following suggestions to prepare effectively for questions about drug brands in the PTCB examination:

  1. Create flashcards Develop cards with generic names and brand names. You can test your memory and knowledge by creating flashcards.
  2. Sort by Drug Class: Group your materials according to drug classes (e.g. statins, SSRIs and antihypertensives), so that you can understand the common relationships between brand names in each class.
  3. Create Mnemonics. Use mnemonics and memory aids in order to remember difficult brand names. As an example, the word “Lipitor”, can be used to describe its ability to reduce cholesterol.
  4. Regular Practice: The key to learning is consistent practice of quizzes, sample questions and other test-like exercises. You should set aside time every day for self-testing and reviewing.
  5. Join Study Groups: Participate in study groups and online forums where you can discuss the drug brands with others who are aspiring to become pharmacy technicians.

You can increase your chance of success by following these tips, and then practicing the quizzes provided.

The conclusion of the article is:

The PTCB test requires that you master the brand names of drugs. Understanding the differences between brand and generic names and their respective uses will help you to dispense medications with greater accuracy and provide valuable information for patients and healthcare professionals. You can use the quiz sample and explanations provided in this article as a way to test your understanding and determine areas that need further study. You’ll excel at the PTCB test with dedication and practice. Best of luck to you!

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